Types Of Arched Interior Doors Design

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 - Interior Doors

An arched door usually related to anything, the most often appear is a Gothic design, and it is regarded as the one of the most popular designs of arched interior doors. The Gothic arched interior doors usually was made out of wood , they may make out of one big wood with arch railings are made out of several long wooden boards that stitch into one door. This type of arch doors usually has an iron door handling with a medieval style engraving on it. Although this Gothic style house really perfect to be used as an entry way, they can also used as interior door, for example a library or study room’s door.

Arched interior double doors

Arch interior door with glass

Most of arched interior doors made out of wood and solely wood only. They can be look very heavy and stern, but if you want to give it more classic look or warmer look and get rid of the chaotic feeling the arch door have, use glass. Yes, there are actually glass arched interior doors, this type of door usually has glass covering half of it or the whole parts. You can choose whatever kind that you desire. The perfect use for this door is two divided rooms with a corridor. Usually can be used for library, study room, living room and dinning rooms.

White arched interior doors with glass

Double arched wrought iron doors with glass

Arch interior doors for Bathroom
Yes, why not? You can use arch doors for the bathroom too. Probably when you heard the term ‘arch doors’ what you had in mind is a double door with a very heavy and Gothic style. Well, the chaotic parts can be true, if you want to bring medieval feelings to your bathroom using an arch door can be the answer.

Wooden arched interior doors for bathroom

Black arched interior doors for bathroom

However arch doors doesn’t always refer to double door for entrance only, it can also come in single door and quite small just like any regular door. If you want to bring the medieval feelings to your bathroom, use arch doors with metal handling on it. But if you want it to be classic use arch wooden doors with arch railings on it. You can also use frosted glass on it too.

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