Stylish Frosted Glass Interior Doors Design Ideas

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 - Interior Doors

The most common use of frosted glass interior doors is as a closet door. Everyone knows how messy a closet could be, that is why some people tend to use a regular door to keep the inside of their closet not be seen from the outside. But lets face it, using the regular door for closet can be boring, if you want something stylish, using the frosted glass door for you closes is very appropriate. Not only it is stylish the frosted glass interior doors make the inside of your closes unseen, so you can keep your secret behind that door without no one notice.

Frosted glass closet doors in greend berdoom

Frosted Glass bathroom door

Now this one is probably a little bit dangerous but actually using frosted glass interior doors as a bathroom door is quite popular. See, a frosted glass is very different from normal glass, it will prevent people to see what’s behind the glass, so yes it still protected your privations. However if you are uncomfortable using a full frosted glass doors, you can use the frosted glass only on the top of the dooritself. Or you can use a frosted glass door with a smaller rectangular glass line up together.

Frosted glass sliding interior doors in the bathroom

Modern bathroom with frosted glass shower doors

Frosted glass bedroom door
Another common use of frosted glass interior doors is at the bedroom door. Keep in mind that frosted glass is very very different compare to normal glass, it will prevent everyone to looking throughthe glass. There is a reason why it is called frosted glass. Using it as your bedroom door can create a modern looking design to your bedroom. While regular door can give you a feeling of boundaries, the glass door will give you a feeling of open space.

Bedroom with sliding frosted glass interior doors

Contemporary bedroom with frosted glass interior doors

Frosted glass entry doors
An American style craftsman door usually has a small portion of glass on the top parts. They usually use stain glass for it, but lately the use of frosted glass for your entry doors also becoming quite popular.

Contemporary living room with frosted glass entry doors

Although they didn’t add colors to our door like what stain glass did, they are perfectly fit for a modern style door in a modern style house. Plus the frosted glass will protect your privations too.

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