Smoked Glass Doors Simple Ideas for Your Interior Design

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 - Interior Doors

The smoked glass doors could be your next interior or exterior door designs next year because the trend is very happening right now. Installing glass door will always be a nice setup for our home. We can quickly make our home cheesy and modern than before. The smoked glass is preferred to be installed in the interior, but it is gorgeous for entry doors. It is necessary when we need more privacy in our bathroom. In other words, it is not only giving us more privacy but also more beautiful views for our home. Here are some inspirations or ideas about installing these doors on your house.

Smoked glass doors with white frame doors in master bathroom

Sliding smoked glass doors for small home library

Smoked glass doors best locations

We believe that you may be still thinking about the best locations for the smoked glass doors. These doors work best for the interior because it can increase both privacy and aesthetic for the home. But, the trend of glass door does not limit you to use this kind of door in your home. You can change all doors in your home with the glass door. But, the doors should be inside of your home to make your home safe. As we know, the glass door is fragile. The thief only needs a stone to break your glass door. So, the privacy room inside the house could be the best locations for this glass door. But if you still want this type of door to use for the front door, you can add security features such as decorative trellises were also excellent to give a striking impression.

Smoked glass doors panel in master bedroom

Single smoked glass doors for bedroom

Smoked glass doors with solid wooden door frame

Why should be smoked glass doors
We have already mentioned about the function of smoked glass doors above. But, we will make it bolder in this section. These doors look classy if you install them to your home. Although they cannot provide better security, they do work best in some private rooms like bathrooms.

One panel smoked glass doors with mdf frame doors

Smoked glass doors for master bathroom

Double smoked glass doors panel in family room

You won’t have better spa place unless the door is made from frosted glass door because it will be comfy our eyes and feeling. These doors make a bolder statement of our home especially for you who need classy interior design inside.

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