Replacement French Doors & Tips That Will Make Your Home Beautiful

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 - Exterior Doors

Doing some replacement French doors are able for everyone. However, there are some steps should you do first. It is very easy, and Almost everyone can do it. All you have to do is to follow and practice some the basic techniques and instruction bellow. In this article, we will share those steps in very simple language so that you can understand easily what we are talking about.

Replacement French door preparation

There are some tools that you have to prepare before doing replacement French doors. Those tools are carpenter tools. You have to prepare hammer, screwdriver, shims, damp clothes, carpenter level and a piece of wood in 2×4 dimensions.

French door removing steps

The first step is removing the door. You start from the door hinge first, Take the screwdriver and place it at the hinge. After that, pin out the door through some hammering. The second step is removing the door jamb. For your information, the door jamb is a part, which is located on the bottom of the door. Once again, use a screwdriver to pry the door jamb. This part usually secured by nails or screws. If you got some hard nails, just saw of them all. At this rate, you should clean this part because there will be much debris on it.

Installing Steps

After the removing have done, it is time to go installing replacement French doors. The first step is checking the frame whether it needs replacement or not. If it does need, you can replace the 2×4 wood to the frame. The next step is leveling the French door. That is why you need carpenter’s level here. It is important to know the inside of the opening. For your information, the carpenter or builder usually starts the installation from the bottom of the door. After the door, now it is time for the frame. Put the shims in the drill holes. Then, secure the frame. It is recommended to use a giant drill. Last but not least, nail the trim to the door opening to complete these replacement French doors.

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