Prehung Interior French Doors Options and Tips Before You Install Them

Friday, February 17th, 2017 - Interior Doors

Prehung interior French doors are an excellent combination for our home. For your information, the French doors become one of the most famous interior doors these days. Luckily, we have some design options and tips if you want to try to install these doors type to your home. Check them out below of this paragraph.

Prehung French Door Swing

First of all, the prehung interior French doors come with some swing types. They are right-hand and left-hand swings. In this case, you have to consider the swing that you should install. To determine it, you just need to stand inside the room. After that, you should imagine that the best door open option in your mind. The swing type is easy to be determined if you have the concept in your mind firstly.

Prehung French Door Pre-installation

Some homeowners do not know that the prehung interior French doors also need pre-installation. It means that you have to do some preparation first before installing the prehung unit. It is about establishing the threshold. It does not matter whether you choose wooden or aluminum threshold. The most important thing is how you install them. After that, you can cut the lower ends of the side jambs. It is usually found on the door frame. It will make the threshold fit to the door frames. If necessary, you can caulk the lower edges.

Moisture Paper for Prehung Interior French Door

The last needed information of prehung interior French doors is about installing the moisture paper. If you have already got the paper on the exterior wall, you can staple the paper right at the sides and top of the door opening. It is also important before you start installing the prehung door. If you need tidy edges of the framing, you can trim off the excess by using a knife. That is all that you have to do before installing the prehung door, especially in French door style.

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