Panel Door Design And Style for Your Home

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 - Interior Doors

Wooden panel door design is available in lots of types. They can be prefinished or unfinished, made of oak, pine, mahogany, or white colored. There is one to up to 6 panels available on each panel door. There are modern panel doors that come with flat panels and beveled panel as it has somewhat elevated center panel section surrounded by elevated and fielded panel frame to add a feeling of depth to the panel.

Pre finished panel door design for kitchen

Pre finished panel door design with victorian style

Panel door design & structure

To make the best use of the world’s natural resources and to be more stable in a centrally heated room, the type of construction by applying veneer on a solid core or a compound partially solid core is used in oak, pine and mahogany panel door design.

Pre finished 2 panel door design for interior door

6 panel door design with solid wood mahogany for internal door

2 panel door design with raised panel style

Panel door joints
Dowel joints are used almost on all wooden doors like internal Walnut, and this system has been in use since a long time ago. Construction method that uses it will be more efficient compared to the more traditional mortice and tenon type joints as during the construction glue is applied to each splined dowel area. You can have unfinished or finished internal panel doors.

3 panel door design with flat panel style

Flat panel door design for interior doors

Arched panel door design for interior doors

Panel door design for master bedroom

Panel door styles
Any setting can have the best door provided by a great enough variety. Wide range panel door styles can supply your need whether you want your interior decoration to have a traditional or a contemporary panel door look.  Noise lessening and a decrease in heating costs are other benefits offered by the use of the variety of proper internal panel doors. You can choose with glass or solid panels in the broad range of White Primed Panel Doors.  If your need or budget is not on the standard doors, you can choose all kinds of panel doors in the custom measure.  One piece solid wood sections are used with your specifications to make panel door design that is Made To Measure or Bespoke.

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