Mahogany Front Door Designs And Characteristics

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 - Exterior Doors

Its strength and prettiness are what makes Mahogany is known for. Mahogany remains in good condition after a period, and exterior and interior doors suit this material well. In the woodworking business, its high demand is affected by its rich color, close grain, and strong structure. The mahogany front door is perfect to adhere stains nails, glue, and hardware.

Mahogany front door with arched top

Mahogany front door with glass panel

Single mahogany front door with glass panel

Mahogany front door benefits

Mahogany wood keeps its good condition with a sleek finish or polish. For a clean and tidy front door or an entry mahogany door, Mahogany is also a perfect option, holding its structure and sturdiness well under elements making it aesthetically satisfying for interior doors. In addition to durable, stylish front doors, internal and external doors, musical instruments such as grand pianos, guitars, and violins, rich wooden cabinetry and spectacular wooden furniture are some of the today usages of mahogany.

Craftsman style mahogany front door with sidelights

Mahogany front door with single sidelights

Solid mahogany front door with single two sidelights

Mahogany front door traditional style
You should consider using mahogany on your home due to its durability and capacity to age well. An exceptional option to match the carpentry is an external or internal mahogany door if you have current mahogany cabinet making in your home apart from its rich color and sturdiness. You can add style to an attractive home if quality and robustness aspects are the reason you’re choosing a mahogany front door or use an interior mahogany door to complete a room with rich ambiance. There is an enduring performance on a traditional wood of Mahogany.

Mahogany front door with traditional style

Rustic mahogany front door

Rustic mahogany front door with sidelights

Mahogany front door look and feel
A golden hue or pink salmon is the color of Mahogany when it’s first cut, but it then turns to red-brown after exposure. Mahogany is a hardwood nothing like coniferous or pine trees which are soft wood. There are close grain and a deep smell in it. Polishes and finishes quickly add patinas to Mahogany. You can find two main types of mahogany. Honduras mahogany or Big Leaf or Swietenia Macrophylla is the common type used for mahogany front door and furniture that is grown more in the South America and tropical regions.

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