Louvered Interior Doors Types and Design

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 - Interior Doors

Some of you probably quite unfamiliar with this term. What is a louvered interior doors is a wooden vented door that has commonly used as an interior door. There are two kinds of Louvered doors, first the open vented one, in which the vent was open and let the air circulations flow. The second one is the False louvered one, in which the vent is closed. This one has a small chance of the airflow behind the door. Both are working great for your interior use. So, where can you use louvered interior doors in your house? Where is the perfect place for using it?

Unfinished full louvered interior hardwood doors

Open vented louvered interior doors in master bedroom

Closet louvered interior doors

The most common use of this louvered interior doors is in your closet. The best type of louvered door for this use is probably the open vent one. Remember, closets can be quite cramped since you keep saving you stuffs there, that is why the air flow inside your closet can be quite terrible. Often this may result in your clothes or other stuff smells bad, or smells like closet and that definitely a huge turn off. So, that is why using an open vented louvered door may help the air circulations inside your closet.

Closet louvered interior doors in master bedroom

Closet louvered interior doors with mirrors

Closet bifold louvered doors in bedroom

Louvered interior doors in master bedroom

Louvered interior sliding doors

To the Garden
Although most louvered interior doors often come in a single door, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any other variations. For example they also can come in other shaped, for example the french folding louvered doors. You probably already know about french folding doors, but this time it comes in a louvered door too. It is actually a wonderful idea since you can close it completely at night, and in the morning you can open it and let the air flow inside. For this purpose, the closed vent type probably works the best, but if you want to use the open vent that is fine too.

Louvered interior doors for indoor garden doors

Metal louvered doors in garage

Another use for french folding louvered door is at the garage door. Yes it will make your garage door look even more stylish, plus if you use the open vent type it will help the air circulations flows inside your garage.

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