Interior Glass French Doors Design Ideas For Your Home

Monday, May 1st, 2017 - Interior Doors

There are many kinds of the door design, each and every one of them can support a certain theme. One of commonly used door designs is the interior glass french doors. They are mostly comes with double door with glass on it and was framed with wooden frame. However, they can also come in a single door, depend on your choice. This type of door is better used for a classical themed house, or cottage house or even beach cottage house is you use the bright colored one. Now, speaking about the glass doors there are many types of glass they have, what are they?

Interior glass french doors for bedroom

Water glass interior French doors

The first one is the water glass interior french door, you probably quite familiar about it. The water glass is a glass design that looks like the surface of the glass was wet because of heavy rain. This class will make the view behind it blurry and only comes in blurry shape, so it’s quite good to protect your privations, in case you want to use them as your entry way. However, this type of glass doesn’t come with many variations, so they can look plain sometimes.

Interior glass french doors with water glass door

Stain Glass door
Now, if you want to add colors to your interior glass french doors, then using Stain glass door is probably the right choice for it. Stain glass has so many colors that can make your door design look even more creative and beautiful. The stained glass can also create a certain painting and make your door look unique, beside they work really well with interior glass french doors. On the plus side, they will look great when the sunshine hit them, it will leave colorful shadows in your house.

Dining room with interior stained glass French doors

Bathroom with interior stained glass French doors

Interior stained glass sliding French doors

Interior stained glass French doors victorian style

Clear Glass
One of the most commonly used glass for interior glass french doors is the clear glass. Clear glass will make your french doors appear classically beautiful. However using it for entry door probably not so good, unless you don’t mind passerby looking into your house then you can use clear glass for entry doors.

Interior clear glass French doors

Interior french doors with clear glass

The perfect use of clear glass french doors is for your library or study, since they will increase the classic touch for it.

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