How to Install Prehung Interior Wood Doors Easily

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 - Interior Doors

Prehung interior wood doors are perfect for beginner homeowners who have been challenged to use the DIY method in their home. Moreover, the hinges are already installed inside the door frame so that they do not need to attach the hinges manually anymore. In this article, let us see how to install these different doors without frustrating instructions below.

Installing prehung wood doors instructions

First of all, you have to fit the prehung interior wood doors hinges to the doorway or frame in your house. After that, you also need to measure the jamb and opening for a particular direction. It is important to determine the hinge location. Secondly, the jamb legs should be cut to make you easier in adjusting the height of the door. For your information, a good interior door should be in the air around a half of an inch on the bottom part. Thus, ensure yourself that the prehung door has this measurement. After you are ready to place the door, you should check the wood jamb. Make sure whether they are lined or not to the drywall.

The second step is by placing the shims. You can put them on the hinge of the door. Put the shims one by one between the frame and the jamb. Use the level to make it easier. After that, take the nails and lead them to the wedges.

The last thing to do is installing the prehung interior wood doors to the doorframe. Always check the space between a side to another. You can also test the door swing first before securing the hinge with the nails. Check also the movements until you feel satisfied with the swing operation. Last but not least, trim the excess by using a utility knife. That is all that you have to do in installing the prehung interior wood doors especially if you have no experience at all in construction.

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