Frosted Glass Closet Doors Perfect Ideas for Your Home

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 - Interior Doors

There are many things that we can do for frosted glass closet doors in our home. It is always a fun thing to do in our spare time. Closet doors with some frosted glass within them are such a great idea to increase the look of our interiors. There are a variety of styles and designs that you can apply. Starting from the sliding door design, hinges models and maybe bi-fold style closet doors. All of which will fit when combined with some aspects, such as decorating theme, the room space, and decorating style. Here are some ideas for the doors that you can apply.

Frosted glass and sliding closet doors

Sliding door operation on the frosted glass closet doors will allow you to get more access to your closet. It is a perfect idea when you have much space for your closet. You can double the rows if you want to. The sliding door system is also easy to be operated. With a few efforts, you will have maximum access to the closet immediately.

Hinged door system on frosted glass closet doors

This model is the most traditional door system for frosted glass closet doors. But, it is still working for some types of home like classy or rusty style houses. Moreover, those doors can come with removable trim. It means that you can install any frosted glass size as you wish. Some homeowners usually add a frame for the glass on the hinged door system closet. However, it will also increase the weight of the closet so that you have to be more careful when moving those doors.

Frosted glass closet doors with bi-fold system

Last but not least, we have bi-fold frosted glass closet doors. For your information, this door system is just like the sliding door, but it requires more doors for the closet. It at least needs two or three doors to work on your closet. Moreover, the frosted mirror would not be too exposed when you fold the doors. So, it is all up to you. The most important part is when you measure the glass and the door frame.

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