Etched Glass Panels Design & Some Easy Ways to Install It

Monday, February 13th, 2017 - Exterior Doors

Etched glass panels offer unique and aesthetic looks for our house doors. By selecting a design that suits the style of the building, this etched glass panels will be maximized to decorate your home. The number of designs and patterns of the glass panel gives you the flexibility to determine what type of door panel is right for your home. Bellow, you can see some design of that. Did you know that you can etch the glass panels by yourself? We have some simple steps that you can follow for installing the etched panels. Without further ado, let us go to the first step.

Step before installing the etched glass panels

Prepare some tools like hammer, nails and a piece of cardboard. The use of the cardboard is to cover the glass when you are hammering the nails. Then, remove the door that you want to install etched glass. Please ensure that the size of the panels is suitable or appropriate to the door panels. It will be easier for you to install the glass doors. In other words, the glass is already fitted to the door. If necessary, use gloves when carrying the etched glass.

After that, lay the door towards you and start to fit the glass and the door. Clean the old silicone that you found on the old glass. Then, you have to know the type of the etched glass panels that you want to install. For the etched glass, it is necessary to place the panel outside of your home. Meanwhile, the colored glass should be installed inside the home.

The next step is inserting the etched glass panels. Make sure your glass panel is etched glass type so that you know how to place the bright or un-etched side to the outside of your home direction. If you did not install it correctly, the benefit of glass door could not be obtained. When installing the glass panel, make sure the bottom of the glass has been rested on the rebated wood. In other words, you have to insert the parts of the etched glass to the rebated wood of the door. It does not matter that you insert the upper or the bottom first.

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