Entry Doors With Sidelights Installation and Design

Monday, May 8th, 2017 - Exterior Doors

Entry doors with sidelights seem not a new thing. When the night comes, of course, the entry doors are perhaps invisible from outer so that you will need a thing call ‘sidelight’. Sidelight is created not only as the entry doors accessories but also as an addition light that is used to illuminate the doors at night. The use of entry doors with sidelight is much found in Europe. Sidelight can be installed separately, or if you want, you can buy them in a package with the entry door.

Beautiful glass insert entry doors with sidelights

Mahogany entry doors with sidelights

Choosing the best entry doors with sidelights

You may select from the designs, fabrications, and colors which blend in and is going to make a stunning accent to your facade of the entry doors you have. There are some designs to choose i.e. pairs, single, full lights and half lights. Then, the glass insert is also various. It can be a traditional, private or stained glass. The common size is 8 x 36 inches.

Natural finish entry doors with sidelights

Entry doors with sidelights and transom

French entry doors with sidelights

The option of half light sidelights perhaps is available in small sizes. If you feel so worried about the strength and the safety of the door structure on the lock side, you’d better order a stiffener between the sidelight and the door. At least you can buy a stiffener in separately. A stiffener is needed for the entry doors with sidelight. It is a kind of door reinforcement mechanism that allows you to install 2,5-inch screws through the striker plate. It helps the lock assemble and stronger.

Beautiful colors entry doors with sidelights

Custom made entry doors with sidelights

Small entry doors with beautiful sidelights

Selecting Framing for Entry Doors With Sidelights
Selecting framing for entry doors with sidelights also needs to consider. Framing an opening for a sidelight exactly is as easy as framing the opening for a door. It is not too difficult to do. Just mount a two side jambs and header jambs. Build a space between the studs and the jamb to insert shims. The width material usually is in 9/16 x 4 3/8 inches. To prevent water penetration, you need to place z flashing above the header jamb of the sidelight. After all, you can build entry doors with sidelights with considering design, color, frame width and the proper installation to do.

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