Choosing Right Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

Friday, May 5th, 2017 - Interior Doors

Drapes for sliding glass doors,- Sliding glass door is meaningless without having the right drapes.  In choosing right drapes for sliding glass doors, you need to consider desired and functionality light penetration before moving into the window treatment.  In fact, sliding glass doors are built into two sliding glass panes, make the feel of large window in  the space in which they are installed perfectly. So that, the right drapes are designed for simply and privacy to lessen the light penetration of the room. Instead, an option for covering the door to provide light privacy and blockages, curtains actually can be used as the simplest decoration inside.

Leaf motif drapes for sliding glass doors

Dual panels drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

The first type of drapes for sliding glass doors is dual panels. Dual panel curtains made from either side of the door offer design opportunities paired functionality. For installing, the double panel curtains commonly are installed above an aluminum runner near the door that helps curtains to slide from the sides of the door in ranges of distances.  You can also try to pull them back to offer stylish decoration or even pulling the panels together to build the barrier solid privacy.

Dual panel drapes for sliding glass doors

White drapes for sliding glass doors

Single Panels
Instead dual panels, choosing single drapes for sliding glass doors can be also considered. A great curtain created from a single fabric panels also offer self privacy and functionally light blockage.  To make it, you may require the different fabrics are used to make the single panel curtain, can be hung from different aluminum runner maximally 4 inches above the sliding glass door you have. In addition, the use of heavy fabric can be considered for fulfilling privacy and light blockage. Instead of its affordable price, the single panel curtain actually provides a solid barrier over the sliding glass door.

Single drapes for dining room sliding glass doors

Accenting Fabrication
Lastly we have accenting fabrication. It is the type of drapes for sliding glass door as your consideration. Apply the accenting fabrics around the sliding glass door seems so interesting idea. It can be the good decoration but not make blocking the large window area.

Accenting fabrics drapes for sliding glass doors

It is a god choice for homes in secluded areas without use of panels but still providing necessary privacy. Hope some designs of drapes for sliding glass doors can inspire you all.

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