Best Shaker Style Interior Doors Variations

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 - Interior Doors

What are Shaker style interior doors? Well, it is basically referring tothe regular style wooden door that you can see almost everywhere. The shaker style interior doors usually have wooden paneling on the surface, which become the only variations it has. Yes of course it can get pretty plain sometimes, but there are several things that you can do to make it look more unique and decorative. So how do we make shaker style interior doors more decorative?

Wood shaker style interior doors

Have a different color shade in shaker style interior doors

As we have said above that shaker style interior doors have wooden paneling on the surface. That becomes the only variations or decorations this type of door. But, the good news is that you can use different shade color if you want. For example if your shaker style door comes in dark mahogany colors, then you can have the wooden paneling in other colors, the lighter mahogany colors for example. Or you can have it the other way around. The different shade colors will make the doors look more varied.

Dark walnut with natural panels shaker style interior doors

Blue painted mahogany shaker style interior doors

Inserting glass
Glass has been known as a great variation for the plain looking door. So to make your plain looking shaker style interior doors you can insert glass to occupy the paneling. There are several types of glass that you can use, the frosted glass, clear glass, stained glass, or even water glass. Keep in mind that each glass works differently for doors.

Shaker style interior doors with glass

For example if you think the plain glass is more than enough that you can use clear glass, frosted glass or water glass. However if you want your privacy protected then avoid using clear glass. If you want to add some colors to your doors, then using stained glass is a perfect idea. Stained glass has so many colorful and beautifully shaped that you can bring to your plain shaker door.

Shaker style interior doors with frosted glass

Using it as French folding door
You probably already quite familiar with french folding doors, this type of door is basically has so many variations of the door design. Apparently shaker style interior doors can become one of them.

French folding door using shaker style interior doors

For french folding doors that used shaker style door, are perfectly used as room to another room divider, or big closet door in your bedroom.

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