20 X 80 Interior Door Styles And Applications

Monday, January 2nd, 2017 - Interior Doors

You can find so much more to a door, not just the plain flat-lump or extremely fashioned six-panel style. There are some door styles available that can fit the house style of yours. Six-panel door can be easily found anyplace. The 80 inches tall is the common size though 7-foot and 8-foot heights are offered as well. There are 28, 32, 30, or 34 inches of width available. If you want different dimension door for your door, you can try 20 x 80 interior door with six panels design.

20 x 80 interior door with glass panel insert

20 x 80 interior door with six panel

20 X 80 Interior door models

There are a variety of ways to make six-panel doors. You can choose an ogee-type and flat panels sticking in place of raised panels. You can keep somewhat newer and more modern or very traditional, colonial, or artistic for the door with this style. It can also be attractive to have two- and three-panel doors, as they are a more contemporary and clean aesthetic rather than persnickety and colonial. You can make a single flat panel for quite plain style for this 20 x 80 interior door or add some appealing sticking and with two panels to revamp a bit. Without becoming the focus, you can add visual interest with a two- or three-panel door while not fairly as contemporary as the flat-lump door.

20 x 80 interior door with raised panels

20 x 80 interior door with unique paint decorating

20 x 80 interior door with natural rustic sliding style

You can make a more traditional the design with the more panels. It is possible to make 2,3,4,5 panel doors though the extremes are six-panel and flat-lump doors. It is up-and-down having the number of panels on the door based on the general visual artistic you want. A more traditional and formal space is suitable for a 3-panel door. If you choose to avoid painted doors, you can choose unfinished for an entry using many wood species. There are lots of possibilities of wood types for 20 x 80 interior door such as oak, alder, pine, and cherry and a selection of cuts like a quarter, rift sawn.

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