19 Folding French Doors Design Ideas

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 - Interior Doors

The most common use of folding french doors is for dividing your Living room with your patio. For this kind of use, the most popular choice of folding doors is the one with the glass window on it. It is a great way to let the sunshine in, and works great during rainy day. There are two kinds of folding french doors with glass that you can use, the first one is with one huge glass covering the whole parts of the door. The other one is the one with smaller rectangular or square shaped glass line up together. However if you choose to use this type of door to separate your patio and your living room, you probably want to use curtains to cover it at night. You still want your privations anyway.

Backyard patio with white folding french doors

Dining room with folding french doors

One room to another folding french doors

Another common use of folding french doors is to divide one room to another. Actually the most common use of it is to divide kitchen with dinning room, or study room to another room. Basically you can use any type of folding french doors, the one with the interior glass door works great to divide one room with another. It’s not only will make your house look even more stylish, but it can also give you the feeling of having an open spacious house. However if you want to be more private you can use the one without a glass, it will make your room seem separated but if you want to make a bigger room you can simply open the door.

Family room fireplace with folding french doors

The master Bedroom
If you want to make your master bedroom look more stylish and you are brave enough, you can use folding french doors. For this purpose, actually the glass folding french doors works better compare to the one without glass. You can either use it to decide your bedroom with another room, or outside the house. Yes, it may affect your privations, and it is actually working better for people who live alone.

Oak folding french doors master bedroom design

But you can always install a curtain behind your doors, at least the curtain will protect you.

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